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Coatings and construction chemicals

Tominna Trading represents, Carboline Coatings- a world leading expert in high performance coatings. Carboline coatings protect a variety of strategic assets across the globe from corrosion and fire. Call us for any requirement for corrosion protection, thermal resistance or protection from fire. Some of the Carbolie Coatings products we deal in are-

  • Carbomatics for protection in fresh water and salt water treatment
  • Chlorinated rubber based paints
  • Epoxy primers and paints for a variety of applications
  • Pyrolite- Gypsum based fire resistant finishes
  • Pyrocrete- Portland cement based fire resistant paints
  • High temperature resistant primers and topcoats for continuous heat up to 12000C.
  • Phenolines- Chemically resistant Epoxy paint range for a variety of applications
  • Plasites- Plasite linings are chemical resistant, high temperature resistant and can handle high pressure as well.
  • Polyesters- Coatings with fiber glass reinforced compound protects from corrosion and abrasion
  • Polyurethanes- A range of weather resistant finishes
  • Zinc coatings- A range of zinc primers for cathodic protection of structural steel
  • SpEC

SpEC –Specialty Engineering Chemicals

They are one of the world leaders in producing high quality construction chemicals that accurately satisfy various everyday construction requirements across the globe. At Tominna, we deal in the following products from SpEC

  • Epoxy Primers for Floor coatings
  • Epoxy High solid & solvent free coatings for Floor coatings
  • Polyurethane deck coatings application
  • Tile adhesives, Tile grout
  • Cementitious concrete repair products
  • Water proofing products for wet area
  • Fillers and other repair compounds

TREMCO – Sealants & Coatings for construction industry

We are pleased to be associated with this world class company, which is known for their quality construction joint sealants and deck coatings. Several large projects in The Kingdom of Bahrain have used TREMCO sealants and Deck coatings.


Flowcrete is spread out over six continents, thus ensuring that their products are designed to cater to the specific needs of their local customers. They specialize in floor coatings suitable for large scale commercial and industrial establishments that see a huge foot traffic on a daily basis. Tominna Trading is your one stop shop to find the right coating solutions for your enterprise.