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Adhesives and Sealants

We deal in a wide range of room temperature curing adhesives and sealants. We choose and procure products form adhesive manufacturers who are known to produce reliable, fast setting and high performance bonding materials. We deal in a whole range of sealants, foams and consumer products from two of the world market leaders in adhesives - Fevicol and Akfix.



Fevicol is a range of consumer adhesive products manufactured by the house of Pidilite, which is an Indian multinational with manufacturing facilities spread over Brazil, USA, Egypt, UAE, Singapore, China and multiple locations in India. Their products include-

  • White wood glues D2, D3 and Water resistant D4 grade Wood glues
  • FEVICOL CL 300 This is one of the most popular D2 Grade adhesive in The Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC.
  • BULBOND Highly reliable and economical adhesive that is primarily used in joining wood to wood.
  • FEVICOL SWR D3 Grade high quality wood glue that offers long term protection of your wood joinery and other wood work
  • FEVICOL -1K Single pack, ready to use PU resin adhesive that is used extensively for exterior wood work
  • FEVICOL BWP 2 Pack Epoxy adhesive for use in humid and moisture prone areas such as bathroom wood fixtures
  • FEVICOL CA 777 Economical adhesive for use with carpet, laminated wood work and for repairing leather shoes
  • FEVICOL SP Spray glue for use with foam work
  • FEVICOL ECO 4.0 UF free adhesive for use with wood veneer. This single pack, ready to use, eco friendly glue. As a water based glue, it assures you of no/ little wastage.
  • FEVICOL HOTMELT This adhesive is primarily used for bonding pre coated PVC, polyester,solid wood, veneer edges, MFD and other wood based panel
  • KWIK GRAB This unique water based nail free adhesive is used for bonding dissimilar surfaces such as glass, wood, steel, aluminium, masonry surfaces, etc. It is also ideal for use in bonding skirting board, marble tile etc
  • USPRO Foam The foam is a B3 Grade PU Foam, and B2 Grade fire resistance, which makes it perfect for door frame and window frame installation.
  • PV Seal This contact adhesive is used primarily with PVC and UPVC pipes.
  • M Seal A robust leak plug that consists of 2 pack Rapid Epoxy adhesive. This is used to fix and repair a multitude of surfaces such as plastic, metal, PVC etc.
  • Dr. FIXIT A single pack silicone sealant, which becomes a permanently elastic compound when properly cured. It is perfect for use in gluing glass, ceramics and sanitary ware.
  • HACK X A proprietary adhesive for use in plastering over concrete surfaces, without the need for hacking


Afix is one of the leading producers of speciality adhesives in Europe. This Turkey based company is well known for its industrial grade silicon sealants, fire resistant foam adhesives, marble adhesives, etc. (www.akfix.com) A vast range of sealants for Fire rated purposes-

  • AKFIX All Bond MS High Track A fire rated MS Polymer sealant that has a high adhesive strength and a high initial tack.
  • AKFIX P636 A one component sealant that is capable of handling direct flame to a certain degree. This permanently elastic sealant cures bubble free and offers a strong stability.
  • AKFIX 840 This is a fire rated PU foam that comes with an easy straw applicator, thus allowing to apply the foam to every nook and crannies with relative ease.
  • SILICON SEALANT This standard silicon sealant is traditionally used in a variety of applications. They comes in a number of colours including clear, white, black, beige and grey.
  • MIRROR SILICON A neutral cure silicone, this is specially designed for bonding mirrors, without harming the mirror. It offers and excellent adhesion to a variety fo porous and non porous surfaces.
  • ACRYLIC WEATHER SILICON AKFIX has a wide range of Acrylic silicon that are suitable to fill cracks and joints, and are applicable for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • SHOWER CABINET, KITCHEN & BATH SILICON This range of products are specially formulated to help with the installation of shower cabins, kitchen sink and other fixtures that witness a high degree of moisture. These have excellent mould resistant properties, thus giving excellent adhesion and durability.
  • COATINGS, ACCEESORIES & MORE They also produce a variety of high quality coatings and accessories geared towards both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.